To restore legacy gold and silver mines to their natural state, adopting eco-friendly alternatives to traditional mining methods and harnessing the value of these precious stones for revenue and economic growth.


Our Story

For centuries, the relentless quest for precious metals has driven countless miners deep into the earth, unearthing gold and silver from the most unforgiving corners of the world. From the treacherous depths of South African mines to the rugged terrains of the American West, the journey has been marked by sweat, toil, and, at times, tragedy.

Gold and silver, with their shimmering allure, have played multiple roles in human history. They have symbolized wealth, prestige, and untold riches, yet extracting them has often been anything but glamorous. Mines, both historic and contemporary, have faced environmental challenges, safety concerns, and social issues that continue to cast a dark cloud over the industry.

The industry is long due for a better chance— a glimmer of hope for the miners, investors, and consumers with a vision for positive change. There is a need to breathe new life into the aging mines, ensuring the responsible extraction of these precious metals and creating a ripple of positive impact for the communities and environments in their vicinity.

Staking Rewards

50% of mining profits pay contractors, and increase TVL, while the other 50% goes back to NFT holders. From 2.5Million of month revenue from mining, holders should expect 400% return monthly!


GodsMoneyNFT: Pioneering a New Era of Responsible Mining

GodsMoneyNFT is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) built on XRPL (XRP Ledger) to create a blockchain-based organization that operates autonomously, without centralized control or a board of directors controlling and dictating the flow of activities. It is a fully decentralized entity committed to investing in the acquisition of gold and silver mines globally, restoring them to their most natural states, conducting ethical mining, trading these precious resources, and redistributing the profits to our investors, who are also our NFT holders.
Our DAO is unique, with a single collection of NFTs that passionate individuals and astute digital investors can buy and hold to become a part of our organization, investing and sharing in our dream of securing the future of gold and silver mining and production. It is an NFT project with potential for financial returns and a legacy of positive change.

The challenges we hope to solve

Our Area of Focus

Legacy Gold Mines

Our core objective is revitalizing abandoned gold mines with their ecological scars and unresolved social issues after several years of mining practices. Our strategy involves comprehensive restoration and reclamation efforts, ensuring these mines return to their natural conditions. We are driven by the belief that a healthy environment and ethical mining can coexist.

We will focus on:

• Sustainable Reclamation.

We prioritize responsible reclamation by adopting state-of-the-art technologies and practices. Our initiatives focus on reducing environmental impact and ensuring the long-term viability of these areas. We will collaborate with environmental experts to develop reclamation plans that minimize disturbance and promote ecosystem restoration.

• Preservation of Heritage.

To elevate the legacy gold mines, we are committed to preserving their historical and ecological significance. This approach involves restoring mine sites to their natural splendor, nurturing biodiversity, and redefining these areas as sustainable havens. By engaging with local communities, we can transform the areas into educational and eco-tourism attractions.

• Mining Techniques and Ethics

It is also our objective to redefine mining techniques and ethics. We are dedicated to promoting a culture of eco-friendly, ethical mining underpinned by transparency, responsible resource management, and the well-being of mining communities. Our commitment to ethical practices extends from labor conditions to community engagement, setting new standards for the industry.

We will focus on:

• Ethical Mining Practices

We uphold the highest ethical standards in our mining techniques. Our commitment to responsible sourcing and fair labor practices will set new benchmarks for the industry. We will actively engage with local communities to ensure that mining is done with the utmost respect for human rights and environmental conservation.

• Technological Advancements

We will invest in cutting-edge mining technologies that minimize the environmental impact and enhance worker safety. We can reduce waste and energy consumption by implementing efficient and sustainable techniques, like automated mining and precision blasting, while increasing ore recovery rates.

• Training and Education

To ensure a skilled and ethically aware workforce, we will establish training programs that empower miners with the latest knowledge and best practices. We will also collaborate with experts to research and develop innovative, eco-friendly mining technologies.

Gold Trading and Investment

Our vision extends beyond the mines to the broader world of gold trading and investment. By embracing blockchain and NFT technology, we enhance transparency and traceability in gold trading, instilling trust and integrity. We promote more participation in gold investments since interested individuals can invest by holding our NFTs.

We will focus on:

• Transparency

In the gold trading and investment sector, we will champion transparency. Implementing blockchain technology, we’ll provide investors with real-time, tamper-proof data on the origin and history of the gold they invest in. By fostering trust and accountability, we aim to attract responsible investors.

• Sustainable Investment

Our approach to gold investment involves identifying and supporting business ideas that blend profitability with sustainability and adhere to ethical and environmental standards. That allows us to offer a wide array of investment opportunities that align with the values of modern investors.

What you will gain for holding GodsMoneyNFT

Holder Benefits

Passive Revenue Stream

As a GodsMoneyNFT holder, you will get a share of profits from our gold mines, creating a lucrative passive income stream. Your share grows with our success.

Exclusive Access and Privileges

With your NFT, you gain exclusive access to product offerings, discounts, and events, ensuring you’re at the forefront of our future projects and reaping special privileges.

Staking Rewards

Every holder can unlock monthly rewards by staking their NFT for varying durations (30/90/120 days/1yr/3yrs), providing an additional incentive for long-term investment and engagement.

Right to Vote

Your NFT grants you the right to vote on crucial decisions, allowing you to actively influence the direction and governance of our organization.

75% of mint funds

OG role gets 75% of mint funds to be allocated to the Linqto account creation and invest in Pre-IPO companies (Linqto, Discord, Uphold, Ripple)

You can follow our journey


Milestone 01 — Whitepaper

In-depth project documentation and vision.

Milestone 02 — Discord

Community engagement and communication hub.

Milestone 03 — Whitelist/Pre-Sale (11/11/2023)

Exclusive access for early supporters. (Open until Mint Day)

Milestone 04 — DAO LLC Creation

Formation of the decentralized autonomous organization.

Milestone 05 — NFT Mint (Coming Soon)

Creation and launch of GodsMoneyNFT.

Milestone 06 — Doxx

Unveiling the identities of key team members

Milestone 07 — Possible Staking with Staykx until DApp is Finished

Staking platform integration for rewards.

Milestone 08 — Custom DApp (2 weeks after Presale)

Completion of our customized decentralized applications

About Our First Mine

In a momentous stride towards our mission, we have acquired our inaugural gold mine. That marks the beginning of our journey to transform the mining industry, restoring this mine to its natural splendor and forging a legacy of ethical and responsible resource management. The mine has abundant resources and prospects; it is just the perfect way for us to get started.

Here is an overview of the mine and our plans:

• Located near Wilhoit, Arizona.
• The project size is 250 acres on Federal mining claims under the jurisdiction of the US Forest Service. The initial permit application covers approximately 50 acres.
• The 2021 Mark Slatten 43-101 Technical Report of the mine shows that it has a recoverable mineral resource of 1,730,200 ounces of gold, including 820,200 ounces as Measured and 910,000 ounces as Indicated.
• The 2011 Dan Stage 43-101 Technical Report of the mine shows the possibility of an additional 840,000 ounces of gold locked in black sands.
• The Plan of Operations, Environmental Analysis, Groundwater Testing Report, Archaeological Survey, and Civil Engineering drawings of the initial mining site and mining plan are complete. The operating permit is expected to be issued in the next few months.
• We projected a monthly net income of USD 2.5M for a production rate of 125 yards/hour with a seven-day, ten-hour-per-day schedule. We excluded the potential additional revenues from black sands in the pro forma.
• There is a presence of abundant silver, although we have made no resource calculations yet.
• Gravity separation of concentrates. No chemicals are required.
• The management and operations teams for the mine are in place.



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